Welding is a fantastic tool that allows you to join two pieces of steel together. It can be used on a range of jobs, in a range of industries, allowing materials not to be wasted and for people to customise the products that they are using. Although Welding is an economical and common trade, it can be an extremely dangerous profession. At Many Fabrication and engineering, we hire a qualified team that is aware of the potential risk every time they weld. Keep reading below to find out why you should outsource your welding activities to Many Fabrication and Engineering:

Electric Shock When Welding

Welding is a process that involves creating a bond between two metals by heating each surface to melting point. As each product melts, they join together resulting in a strong and durable bond. Although welding is economical and efficient, it can result in harm to the welder. Electric shock can occur if your body has contact with both the welding tip and the job that you are doing. This may sound impossible, but a simple slip can result in death.

Burns and Eye Damage

As welding uses heat to melt each surface, it is a possibility that welding can result in burns and even eye damage. As welding produces hot sparks, they have the potential to burn your hair and clothes. Furthermore, if a proper welding helmet is not used, a condition called Arc Eye can develop, which can have a sunburn-like effect on your eyes. At Many Fabrication and Engineering, we ensure that our team of welders are properly equipped and trained to avoid any eye or burn damage.

Metal Fume Fever

Metal Fume Fever occurs when humans are over-exposed to Zinc, a certain type of metal that can cause breathing difficulties, headaches, muscle aches and thirst. Metal Fume Fever is primarily an allergic reaction to the Zinc and is a common disease in the trade. As exposure can be sudden and painful, Many Fabrication and Engineering recommends that you hire your local Gunnedah experts, who can safely and quickly complete your task! Give us a call today!

Why Choose Many Fabrication and Engineering in Gunnedah?

At Many Fabrication and Engineering, we understand that many welding jobs require us to be on-site. Hence we offer an efficient and reliable mobile welding service, meaning that we come to your location to complete the welding work. Furthermore, all of our welders and fabricators are tertiary qualified professionals who undergo immense training to ensure that their practices are safe. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!