A career in welding is both challenging and rewarding. However, like any career,  it is important to do your research and try and get a feel for what the job involves. As one of the leading businesses that offers welding in Gunnedah, we get a lot of youngsters asking us about welding apprenticeships so we thought we’d put together this post about welding as a career.

What Does a Welder Do?

Welding isn’t just one thing, it is many, and no two days will be the same.  Welders join, shape or repair metal parts together using either heat or electrical currents. Welding is required in the resources sector, manufacturing, construction and many other industries.
NSW Tafe describes fabrication and welding as:

Do you want to work with your hands and use your technical mind? A manufacturing, fabrication or welding course can lead you to the automotive, mining, marine and aerospace industries. You’ll be responsible for designing, welding or repairing complex machinery – the opportunities are endless!


Sound exciting? We think so!

What Education does a Welder Require?

Most welders will have completed a metal fabrication and welding apprenticeship, as well as a number of post trade welding certificates. TAFE NSW offers a number of welding and fabrication courses. Job opportunities include:

  • fitter and machinist
  • boilermaker
  • metal worker
  • welder
  • fabrication specialist
  • machinist
  • process worker

Watch this video to discover what a typical day for a metal fabrication student looks like.

As you can see, welders need to be familiar with a number of different techniques and equipment. Here at Many Fabrication and Engineering, we work with a number of different metals, hand tools, power tools and heavy machinery. Checkout out our range of professional metal fabrication services – simply the best welding Gunnedah has to offer! Contact Us to find out more.